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ABOUT CrossMetal

Imagine your creative application with a brand-new metal bonder 'CrossMetal'

The newly developed metal bonder CrossMetal is two-component acrylic adhesive that has excellent shear, peel, and impact performance for metal working.

This new product of CrossChem provides super durability, not only on different kinds of metal substrates, but also on plastics including FRP products and natural stones.

Expensive epoxy adhesive can be easily replaced with this economic Acrylic Metal Adhesive.

Photo of Cross metal products

Advantages of "CrossMetal"

  • Fast curing and excellent physical properties
  • Easy to prepare surface pre-treatment
  • Broad temperature resistance up to 130℃ down to -20℃
  • Lower cost than high cost structural epoxy

Industry applications

  • Metal fabrication : Automotive parts, Elevator steel interior, Aluminum honeycomb etc.
  • Plastics working : Signage, Interior parts, FRP boat body repair
  • Electronics parts : BLU of Note PC, Mobile, Home appliance etc.
  • Office Furniture
  • Stone working : Natural stone/marble, Engineered stone even ceramics